sábado, 4 de mayo de 2013

Hello sweeties!

Well here i'm going to tell you about my future.

I want to finish my high school, and later I wanna study Medicine.

I wanna live in Sydney, Australia.

While I'm studying in the college I wanna study Photography.

I wanna meet my favorite artists.

I wanna go to Paris, London, USA and all the places I can go while i'm alive!

Later, when I finish thecollege I wanna do a specialization in cardiology or neurology.

I want that my boyfriend propose me marriage in Paris.

I wanna get married in a beach.

I wanna have a family.

And the most important thing.. I wanna be happy.

Hello again!

Well.. today i'm going to tell you about what I do everyday.

First of all I have to wake up at 5:10 am! Yes, i know that should be illegal. Later I get ready and I go to the school at 6:00 am.

At 2:00 pm I leave the school. Somedays I leave the school more late 'cause I'm in "Grupos Juveniles". It's a group of teenagers that talk about life and we do rides!

After school I arrive to home and I take lunch while I'm in the computer.
I stay in the computer (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) at 4:00 and later I do my homework.

When I don't have homework I stay all the day in the computer hahah.

Well later I go to bed at 10:00 pm. SOOOOOOOO EARLY!

At Saturdays I go out with my friends to some places or we go to parties.

Well. this is my routine, I don't do nothing interesting :-( haha.

Well.. my name is Alejandra and i'm going to tell you something about me.

I like some bands like 5 Seconds of Summer.

Or Paramore

I'm a easy-going person and sometimes I can be really crazy. I'm shy, but my friends say that that's not true. I'm not really good at flirting hahaha. My celebrity crush, well.. I don't think that Ashton Irwin is a celebrity but he's my crush. 

I love the photography. I'm that kind of girl who takes pictures to everything. My favorite thing to take pictures is the sunsets, they are so perfect I mean, they take you to another world.
My favorite movie is Grease. I always dreamed that some day I met some guy in another place, like a summer love, right? and later we say goodbye but when I arrived we find out that we live in the same city.
Okay.. so this is a little part of my life, hope you like it!